Saturday, July 14, 2012

I am a HomoLOVEual!

Let's recognize that in our Puritanical culture, people freak out about sex.

So when we call ourselves HomoSEXuals, and fight for our HomoSEXual rights, and to know and teach our HomoSEXual history, all anyone hears is SEXXXXXX.

What if we talked about LOVE instead?

What if the media called us HomoLOVEuals?

And we fought for our HomoLOVEual rights?

And to know and teach our HomoLOVEual history?

How different the discussions we have could be.

You can talk to kids about love.  You can talk to anybody about love.  Love is universal, and focusing on that can be a bridge to understanding.

So let's try it.  Let's talk about love.

I'm Lee Wind, and I'm a proud HomoLOVEual.

Join me!  E-mail me a photo and statement of your being a HomoLOVEual, or a HomoLOVEual Ally (love our allies), and I'll post it here!

my email:  iamleewind (at) roadrunner (dot) com

And you can shout it from the rooftops in comments, too!  After all, you can shout about LOVE.  Love is charming and sweet, and Queer love is, too.